Mike Megens


Livestreaming: A radical approach, 2020

Footage from 'Livestreaming: A radical approach, 2020', an interactive 72 hour live stream project by Mike Megens and Sid Dankers performed in the Backer & Rueb halls in Breda. Megens and Dankers investigate with their happening what a livestream is and can be. In doing so, they bring about a constant interaction between physical and online presence. By making the program in dialogue with a large group of participants and leaving a large part of what happens in the 72-hour livestream to chance - after all, they have no idea how the performers in the museum translate their livestream - they create a kind of collective artwork, which is created once and on the spot in different places simultaneously.

Performers (in order of appearance) Sid Dankers, Mike Megens, Amel Omar, MalĂș van der Bijl, Mathilde Nobel, Joey Sepers, Emmie Liebregts, Yasmin Omar, Nadia van Essen, Puck Kroon, Paul Braspenning, Fenna Koot, Sofie Hollander, Jasper Peeters

Livestream 'Bits and Pieces' at This Art Fair 2020

We will measure the size, we will find the width, we will calculate the radius and compress it into the truth device. You can consider the truth device to be the least trustworthy device out there, but fortunately, trust is there between us. Possibly enough for our show and hopefully so much so that it overflows and it just keeps streaming. So let us spin the disk, we will eject it safely. During This Art Fair, Paul Braspenning, Mike Megens and Sid Dankers facilitated a live stream from a physical studio at De Kromhouthal in Amsterdam, with the emphasis on a two-way interaction with the fair.

Facing non-objects, can we still run?'
The Hague Contemporary Art Weekend 2021

Documentation of a three-day live performance 'Facing non-objects, can we still run?' by Mike Megens and Sid Dankers. The work is mainly executed and streamed from The Grey Space in the Middle. Several other locations visited are: KM21, 1646 and Nest.

I don't think we have any more Stream left. I'll check with the kitchen (2021)

'I don't think we have any more Stream left. I'll check with the kitchen' (2021) was realized by Sid Dankers and Mike Megens in a former kitchen of Het Hem. They investigate the possibilities of a livestream in a new environment and context offered to them with this show. In this setting they invite participants of ALL INN to participate through image, story, characters, music and language. This creates a collective broadcast, a gesamtkunstwerk built by many.